Black Country Scooter Club

About Us

The Black Country Scooter Club was founded in March 2006, when after a couple of years of hanging around together, going to dos, attending rallies and slowly growing in numbers, a group of scooterists decided it was time to form a club. We have a diverse range of members from all walks of life, some are scooterists from the eighties and others have just got into the scene in the past few years but we all have the passion for scooters and the scootering scene which is our common bond.

2011 Up-date - Very few of the original members who formed the club back in 2006 are still with the club, as with many clubs members come & go, some have moved on to other clubs others still have scooters but are not in clubs some have left the scene completely.

We are happy to have a relatively small number of members (currently around 12) but we will alway's welcome new people to come along and see what we are about.

We meet every first Thursday in the month

at the Golden Lion Ash Street Bradley WV14 8UP

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